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Egypt today is not only the pyramids and the heritage of the past greatness, but also a popular tourist destination. Firstly, the climate allows the country to take tourists almost all year round, secondly, the rich underwater world of the Red Sea and the opportunity to engage in water sports (in the Red and Mediterranean seas), thirdly, reasonable prices - all incline tourists to choose Egypt

What is worth knowing in order to get the best impressions from the rest?


In the summer months, when Russians traditionally start their vacation time, there is a lot of heat in Egypt, which can reach 50 degrees. Sunbathing in the middle of the day is dangerous to health and almost unbearable, most people in the heat of the day does not leave the hotel. However, it is from June to August prices of tours to Egypt noticeably fall. The cost of goods and services (excursions, food, etc.) is also significantly cheaper. Whether such conditions are worth saving the economy is an open question, especially since during this period dry sand storms called “Khamsin” are possible. However, tourists come here in the summer, incl. and from Russia - usually with children who have summer holidays in schools at this time.

A more comfortable time to visit Egypt will be spring and autumn. In April and May, as well as in October and November in Egypt, the most pleasant temperature for rest is set for air and water. However, in these more favorable for the rest of the month prices are rising significantly, and people are becoming much more.

Not bad you can relax in Egypt in the winter. True, in January and February it can be a bit cool - especially at night. But December can be called a good month to visit Egypt. Prices for goods and services remain low, people are much smaller, and the sea is still warm.

With all this, try not to go to Egypt in the month of Ramadan. Of course, there will be no religious riots and attacks on visitors - the local Arabs are generally quite peaceful, especially to the tourists who feed them - just at this time many cafes and restaurants do not work during the day. At all.

At all

How to book a hotel?

When choosing a holiday destination, many Russian tourists try to find a place where they would have less often had to meet compatriots. Such a dislike of Russians for Russian tourists is explained quite simply - many Russians on vacation discard all the rules and conventions that they adhere to at home. For this reason, you can often forget about a relaxing holiday in the neighborhood. In the famous film “The Diamond Hand”, the hero Mironov says - “Rousseau is a tourist - image of morality”, unfortunately, in practice everything is exactly the opposite.

Those who are tuned in to silence will give a couple of tips on how not to run into Russian tourists in Egypt, how to choose a suitable resort and hotel.

The most popular destination in Egypt is Sharm el-Sheikh. This is the country's largest resort - but here you can find quiet (in terms of the absence of compatriots from Russia and the CIS countries) places and hotels.

The easiest hotel search algorithm is to select all the hotels you are interested in, and then punch through the search engine for Russian-language reviews. If there are none, congratulations, you have found a good accommodation option. All the same can be said about Hurghada - the second largest resort in Egypt.

It is worth considering that usually package tours involve accommodation in mid-level hotels, and there surely will be with you a large number of holidaymakers from Russia who prefer to relax on package deals such as "last minute" or "all inclusive". Therefore, those wishing to take a break from the Russian language can be advised to plan their vacation yourself - fly a regular flight to a point away from the place of arrival of the charters and book a hotel with lots of good reviews from Europeans and without reviews in Russian.

If you want to find a whole resort, where there would be no contact with compatriots - you can recommend the wonderful resort Taba Hayts. Located on the Sinai Peninsula off the coast of the Red Sea, it is a quiet and cozy place that is just perfect for a family holiday. Here all the year round there is a comfortable temperature and there are all conditions for excellent diving. There are many hotels in 4 * and 5 *.

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How to book a hotel?
How to book a hotel?