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IM Translator - translator for Internet users. This version of IM Translator is embedded in Mozilla browser Firefox and available at any time of your trip on the Internet. The translation quality of IM Translator is good. The translator is based on the technologies of PROMT and other companies. IM Translator allows you to simultaneously access three machine translation services provided by PROMT, Google and Altavista. The program also includes a dictionary, spelling checker, a virtual keyboard for 40 languages, transliteration, a decoder, the ability to print the results of translation and send e-mail.

Translate your site - free and automatic

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This means that a user can translate web pages, text documents or any other text in just a few seconds. Easy to use translation tool. Easy to install, easy to use and at a great price software for translation is perfect tool for families and home users.

IM Translator for Mozilla Firefox features

A minor disadvantage is that the IM Translator works only with an Internet connection.

The development of the built-in interface for translating websites has been started by Mozilla for a long time, but it is still impossible to translate the page into Russian in Firefox using standard default browser tools.

Displays alternative values. More than 50 pairs of available languages. Spells and grammar. Automatic detection of abbreviations and entities. Automatic language detection. Manage translation profiles. Available language pairs. English - International - English Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

Facilitates the translation process and automates the process of transferring people, thus minimizing costs. Translation of web pages in real time. When you encounter a page that you want to translate into your language, follow these steps.

This function is in the browser, but for some reason at the moment it is disabled and well hidden from the user. Today we will tell how to include a translator in Mozilla firefox .

Built-in translator in Mozilla

So, in order to activate the built-in translator in Mozilla and thus be able to translate the page into Russian in Firefox at any time, you need to do a certain sequence of actions.

In the “Description of Translation” section, you can translate the header and additional pool into your language. Some linguistic communities do not translate a slug, keeping it in English. Other articles in your language to define common practices. You can click the minus icon next to "Description of Translation" to hide the information after you have finished editing it, in order to make more room for the "Transfer Content" section. In the "Content to transfer" section, translate the contents of the page. Fill at least one of the tags for the page. Click Save Changes After Run.

The elements of the user interface of the translator of articles are initially displayed in English.

In total, you need to complete 12 steps from our mini-instructions below.

However, do not worry: the whole procedure in any case will not take more than 10 minutes, since all the steps are extremely simple, and for clarity, we are provided with appropriate ones.

1) Make sure you have Firefox 41 or higher installed, as this version does not have this functionality in the younger versions of the Fire Fox. To see the version, type about: support in the address bar of your browser and press Enter:

If the English version has been changed since the last translation, the article translation viewer will display the differences at the source code level in the English version. This will help you understand what needs to be updated in the translation.

It is important that each page be marked with at least one label, even if it is a translation. Some tags are used by search filters or as agreements between members. Marking Standards. You are free to create translated tags for grouping content if this is not standard. Although in most cases this detail is not necessarily a concern, there is a function that makes your life much simpler and shorter. This feature would be ideal for implementation. However, there is a solution that does not require much effort.

2) Type in the address bar about: config and press Enter. In the message that appears, click on the button "I promise I will be careful!";

3) With the help of search line find the parameter "browser.translation.detectLanguage". Double-click on the line with it with the left mouse button to change the value assigned to it from false to true;

Open any web page, click the share button on the bottom line - the up arrow, and at the end of the first row of buttons that appear on the screen, select “Other” or “Other”. You should immediately see a list similar to the one shown in the screenshot. Confirm the changes by clicking the “OK” button in the upper right corner. Remains part of the actual translation. The same principle applies to the English language.

Click on it, select another language and confirm it by clicking on the upper right. It will take a few seconds for the new language to take effect. Click the Share button at the bottom of the screen and select Translator from the gray options. After a few seconds, the page should be translated into Romanian with a notice on an orange background. You know what an extension is, a small program that is tied to a basic program, provides functions that can greatly assist the user or can offer a modified design.

4) Do the same for the “” parameter;

With this plug-in, the video you paused now starts from the moment you left it, even if you closed the browser. More useful for advanced users. Addon encourages creativity! Supports more than 50 languages! Well, let's say your computer is used together, and to it applies to his mother, sister, brother. Suppose that the mother does not know English and will not be able to process the settings and menu of the browser. well with the steps presented in this lesson, you have the opportunity to make your mother's browser in Romanian and English.

6) Go to the Yandex's Translate API site and log in to your Yandex account by clicking the “Log in” link in the upper right corner;

Another reason is that you do not want to mix Accounts to work with those for daily navigation, or maybe you just want to have multiple personalities, log in with two different accounts on the same site, or leave comments on the site with a different nickname. Another quite important reason is the safety of navigation when making transactions and online payments, we can set a profile only for bank or online payments, this profile may be more limited for our security and, of course, our money.

7) Now scroll down the page and click on the link "Get a free API key";

8) On the next page, check the box next to “I have read ....” And click on the “Get API key” button;

All this would have been impossible without looking at the steps of this lesson. It would be much more useful if this option appeared in the button, in its interface, to make it easier for people who are not so good at computers. Do not forget that if you have any suggestions, complaints or additions, feel free to write in the comments field, if you see a user who has a problem and you can help him, please feel free to do it, just make it the best place. , we can see in the comments section!

Subscribe to this! To subscribe or “Get me out of here!” To unsubscribe. A new window will appear with a bookmark for placing an order. Enter the translation command in this field. By default, the command will act on the selection on the page of visited pages. If you want to find another term, enter this term after the translation command. The application will search for implicit translations from English to Romanian.

9) As a result, Yandex will generate for you a unique key, thanks to which you will be able to embed its translator into your Firefox. Copy this key to any text file;

10) Return to the about: config page. Click the mouse on an empty place and in the context menu select “Create” -> “String”;

If you want to translate from Romanian to English, please indicate this after the deadline. But this does not mean that we or our clients should speak English. If we use plugins or streams, we also move the plugins folder. At the bottom of the chapter, we look at the language function of the site, and we change the language.

We find the next line. If we want to link the site, we will replace it with the next line. Notifications on the desktop. . In addition, language packs can be installed manually. Typically, a desktop graphical environment allows you to select any language installed on your computer, regardless of whether the language is specified as the core of the entire system.

11) In the appeared window as the string name, specify “” without quotes;

apiKeyOverride” without quotes;